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Thesis Co-Working Group

Have you been "working on" your thesis for much longer than you'd planned? Are you getting distracted and finding it difficult to finding the time, energy, and deep focus you need? If so, join a group of graduate students with similar challenges and hold yourself and each other accountable for meeting your goal. Find space, support, resources, and an accountability structure designed to finally reach that goal!

40.00 USD
every month until canceled

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business (Author Signed Copy)

Order your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business, signed by Sydney Tyler Thomas. (Price includes S&H).

35.00 USD

Intentional Mindfulness: A 30-Day Journey (ebook)

Written with busy people in mind, Intentional Mindfulness: A 30-Day Journey identifies some of the many evidence-based benefits of practicing mindfulness, as well as examples of the varying ways people incorporate mindfulness into their hectic daily lives.

Using journaling as the platform for beginning your mindfulness journey, this book includes space for you to write about your reflections for the next 30 days as you become more comfortable with your practice. Not used to journaling? Don't worry. Daily inspirational quotes and a list of writing prompts are included.

The women of Retirement Divas and SageNavigator invite you to embrace the practice of Intentional Mindfulness and make it a part of your health and wellness toolkit. Enjoy the journey!

6.00 USD